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We've been working lately on this project for Twitter and it's already available. The idea is quite simple. We wanted more data on the progress of our accounts and all the possible supporting features we could have. So first one is auto-reply.

If you are familiar with Twitter marketing you might have used auto-DM (direct messages) before. This feature is not supported by Twitter anymore. If you are still using some product for it, enjoy the remaining time.

We created an awesome solution. Legitimate, effective and friendly. You will not be annoying your followers after each follow. So how does it work? You go to https://leadsmade.com and create your default message there. Now every time someone will go into a DM with you, they will see your automated reply.

It's that simple & it's free.

More of that, you can create different deep link messages as well and post them anywhere on the web. So each person that clicks on your link will go directly to your twitter DM and see the auto-reply that you've made especially for those people.

Effective, easy and it's working.

You are welcome to test it right now at https://leadsmade.com

P.S. If you have some desires or ideas regarding some other features for Twitter - send us some message, comment on a post or send an e-mail to ask@leadsmade.com we'll discuss and perhaps will create your feature next.

Have a great day!



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