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3 года назад

Are you ready to work for free?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · What would you say if someone asked you this? What your thoughts and reaction would be? Does it sound normal or crazy? If you don't like that, then, probably, being a businessman is not for you. I often get questions from people who want to be a businessman, how to do it or how t ...

4 года назад

Somewhere along the way... we find ourselves at the crossroads

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Imagine the fog all over the place. You walk by the road which seems familiar. There is the pub which you visited yesterday. But now it's fading. The same happens to your office on the other side. And now there is nothing more. You stepped on the crossroads. You are in the middle ...

5 лет назад

How double standards destroy our lives?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · People are such an amazing creatures that can either do anything in life or find an excuse for anything. How does that happen? So often we say that some person is rich because those are his parent's money, or it's somebody's lover or just luck. Or truly believe that some happy co ...

5 лет назад

How to make the toughest choices in life?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello, friends! I hope you are having an amazing day! And let's talk about choices. · My idea is to share what challenges they bring, what kind of choices we face and how you can easily solve any choice. · So, every one of us faces choices every single moment of our lives. Is it ...

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