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Top 5 Qualities of Good Testers

Top 5 Qualities of Good Testers

by Ray Parker Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem Inc.

You must have heard this question at software testing companies? What are the qualities of good tester? Well, there are no definite parameters to define the perfect testing expert. We cannot deny the importance of hiring the best testers for software quality assurance. However, if testers possess the following qualities they can qualify to work for a software development company:

1. Always Test

Testers should never completely rely on developers even if they are sure about the quality of an application. No software is bug/error free and they must test each and every software. Good testers apply their knowledge and experience to detect problems. Moreover, they continue this process until a product is ready for launch. Testers prioritize their testing schedules and techniques in such a manner that no error remains unattended. Small errors can often lead to huge problems in the latter stages of the development process. Testers pay attention to each and every error that they come across during the testing. A tester understands what tasks should be automated, and what should be tested manually. They use functional testing solutions to make the testing process more efficient.  These are challenges that make testing more complex, but once they set these processes, the rest becomes manageable and easier.

2. Never Skimp on Quality

Testers never move to the next stage unless they solve each and every error during a testing phase. Testers never skimp on the quality aspect and design solutions to avoid repetition of the repeating errors. Testers remain vigilant and realize that failing to achieve quality can have a great impact on their performance and cause delays in product delivery. Thus, quality assurance is always on top of their priority list.

3. Communication

Testers possess effective communication skills so that they can demonstrate and disseminate all information on their current projects to the relevant stakeholders. Testers work on multiple tasks like tests cases, bug reporting, and defect management. Thus, communication is the key to success. Clear reports and test cases make their jobs easier and allow them to achieve their goals in due time.

4. Risk Management

Risk management is another important aspect of testing that software testers cannot ignore. Testers divide it into three stages namely identification, analysis, and solution. While testing, they ensure that they are able to prevent these risks and prioritize their testing process based on this risk analysis.

5. Understanding the End-User

Testers cannot always test according to their own skill set and experience. They require an understanding of what an end-user expects from their product. Testers make themselves sure about the key features to draw user’s attention and to make testing easier. Testers assess and maintain quality only when they know what customers are expecting out of their application. Testing is no longer a one-man show and there are many key stakeholders involved in testing. Modern software development focuses on developers and testers working together throughout the software development process to make the process more effective and efficient. The above top five qualities enable testers to create quality software.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.

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