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No BULLSHIT. Fear of poverty.

No BULLSHIT. Fear of poverty.LL Ib J >

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Imagine the world with no money? Now go further and think of the reality with no barter at all. Like no exchange of work for value. No anything for something. It seems impossible, right? That's because none of us ever survived without this simple principle. Giving something in exchange for something else. The only moment in life when we don't understand it is at a very early age if you were lucky enough to have parents who supported you and kept on giving for nothing. The opposite for this relationship is to keep thinking the same way after you grow up. And it's not working anymore.

At all times we must have something to trade for something of value for us. Not having it is definitely a way to the fear of poverty.

Poverty itself is not that scary. Actually, when you are at the bottom it's fine already. The worst part is fear. When you are afraid to end up there. That's what can destroy anyone from inside. Fear of poverty is one of the biggest foes we meet in life. And I believe it to be the hardest to beat. Cause to beat it you have to beat yourself. Your own paradigm of the world.

If you have many standards in it, like what a man should be, what a woman should be, who is right and who is wrong, patriotism and society standards - all of the above will work against you. I'm not looking for reasons to it cause this idea of control is pretty obvious in it. If you fail in earning enough, you are a bad citizen, a bad person. And fear of poverty will finish you off.

I'm here for a solution. If it is something that may influence you, don't bullshit yourself like it doesn't exist. Face up front and take responsibility. I myself keep fighting this fear of poverty. It comes back in so many ways and can easily influence my behavior.

Here are some questions to think about. Ask yourself all of them and think of the answers:

1) Am I afraid to lose my job?

2) Do you feel indifference? No ambitions or desires? Laziness? No initiative or self-control?

3) Indecision? Do you quickly agree with others even if they are wrong?

4) Doubt? Do you often explain why you failed, making excuses and blame others?

5) Worry? Do you often pick on others? Do you spend more than you earn? Drink too much and don't care about how you look?

6) Are you too cautious? Can you find something negative in every situation or opportunity?

7) Delay? Do you hesitate to make decisions? Are you trying to get away from responsibility?

If any of those apply and don't bullshit yourself here, other's don't care if you realize it or not, think of that. You have that fear of poverty.

The first step to beating it is facing the truth. That fear is built upon our beliefs system. It means that it was programmed into our mind since our childhood. At first by parents, then by friends, colleagues, society, school, university, office, news, shops, marketing, sales, church and the government. Everything that surrounds us was a part of that journey. That brought us to this moment when understanding finally is in front of us. We were programmed to be afraid of poverty. That fear is the main reason we do not succeed in life. This is the reason we don't have enough money. This is the reason we fall.

I hope that in the future humanity will get out of this ancient suffer, but today the world is exactly as it was 8 000 years ago in the ancient Babylon. Nothing changed. And the methods remain as well.

If you are fine with that fear in your life, it's ok you can just live on. Now at least you are sincere with yourself about some facts in your life.

If you want to change something, here are some methods I can offer:

When life has no special meaning for you, it will only aggravate the situation. Being a part of Religion, society, government or any organization doesn't help. Understand one simple truth, you will always worry about everything you can't fully control. The first step is taking responsibility for everything. Don't beat yourself up and just put the blame. Take responsibility with honor and desire to change. This is your emotional background. And the second part is set your own concrete goals. What you want to achieve. What you want to create. Whom you want to help. Set it for yourself and start working on the plans for achieving your goals immediately.

The first step must be done today. And it doesn't matter what's the size of this step. It just must be made. The same applies to tomorrow and every other day in your life.

If every day you move closer to your goals, at least for an inch, it's awesome. First of all, it is awesome for your subconscious mind. This way you start reprogramming yourself from the fear of poverty to desire to achieve. Don't expect quick results. Just compare the amount of fear feed to you during your life time and the effort you put to beat it. Think of it as sand in the room. If every day of your life, you've been throwing a shovel of sand into your room, how much sand there is today? And now you start cleaning it out and depending on the amount of your desire and dedication you either take out a shovel a day, or a spoon a day, or a can a day. Still, it will take time to clean it up.

If you want to get rid of this fear of poverty, stop bullshitting yourself and start working on yourself.

Andrew Goldman

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