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Benefits and threats of writing a diary

Benefits and threats of writing a diary

There are many tools available for self-development. Some are clear, some might be a little more specific. I put diary writing into the specific field.

Let's first understand (if somebody doesn't know) what is a diary. Diary is a daily written representation of your experience. Speaking in a plain language, we write down what happened to us, during the day. Definitely, there are some benefits to doing it. So as some threats.

I started writing a diary because I wanted to remember my activity during the period from 6 to 13 years of my life. When I was in the search of the purpose (at that time kids often come back to doing the stuff they really enjoy, so you can learn the proper occupation for yourself), it was a good idea I've read from famous people like Benjamin Franklin.

Good enough to try. Basically, I tried to write down the history of what happened to me during my lifetime and at the same time I was working on a weekly diary (daily seemed to be too much for me).

What use do we gain from writing a diary?

First of all, we summarize what happened to us.

Secondly, we can live through some emotional experiences once again and have the opportunity to analyze them in a calm environment.

Third, we'll be able to save our way of thinking and check the process of self-development in the future.

Finally, this could become a great foundation for your family and children, to understand the process of your development. Also, it might give them strategies on how to evade some trouble.

Pretty nice benefits, especially when you are working on your own development.

Analyzing your thoughts in the current moment is one thing, but you can forget it in a week, month or a year. A handwritten representation of your experience on the paper will remain. You don't have to rely on your memory and will be able to access your data anytime you want.

Everything is pretty clear and useful. Still, I found some critical moments I want to share.

First, when you try to write down the history of yours. Not today's experience but what happened some time ago, you may run into living through the emotions you've experienced back in the day. Good ones and bad ones.

If you had trouble with depression, that might be a tough challenge. When you try to remember what happened you activate your subconscious mind and visualize the past. It can easily trigger the return of the emotions you've felt back then. I'd offer you being very careful with that.

Another thing is that if you've had some tough experience during the daytime and you handwrite that, it is being programmed into your subconscious mind. Eventually, it might become a psychological trigger in the future connected to some concrete event.

I found a good strategy for it. Don't consider it to be your memories. Think of your experience as a side watcher. Like you follow what that person did and analyze his/her activities. That should keep you safe.

Writing a diary is a very intriguing and exciting tool for everyone, at any time. It might help you understand some core fundamentals that might have been missed during your real-time experience. At the same time, it could be dangerous. Use it wisely and make the best out of your life.

by Andrew Goldman

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