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3 года назад

Are you ready to work for free?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · What would you say if someone asked you this? What your thoughts and reaction would be? Does it sound normal or crazy? If you don't like that, then, probably, being a businessman is not for you. I often get questions from people who want to be a businessman, how to do it or how t ...

4 года назад

People unite facing the common enemy

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · When someone is taking out the gun, starts shooting at you and everyone around you, there is only one thing you can do to survive. Unite with everyone around you. It happens in seconds. It's survival instinct. · It may sound pretty obvious. But how about bringing that knowledge t ...

4 года назад

Benefits and threats of writing a diary

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · There are many tools available for self-development. Some are clear, some might be a little more specific. I put diary writing into the specific field. · Let's first understand (if somebody doesn't know) what is a diary. Diary is a daily written representation of your experience. ...

4 года назад

How to transform your computer gaming experience into success in life

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · It is not a secret that most of the people in the last 2 generations played computer games. Played a lot and still do. The future might not be bright if your only skill is leveling up your favorite World of Warcraft character. Simply because it is not very useful for the marketpl ...

4 года назад

The right time is now

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello friends, long time no see. I've been a part of the IT project for a few months. Had some thinking time. Often people say that "If I was born in a different time, life would be different." Well for sure. It would be different and you wouldn't have such a wide knowledge as we ...

5 лет назад

How double standards destroy our lives?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · People are such an amazing creatures that can either do anything in life or find an excuse for anything. How does that happen? So often we say that some person is rich because those are his parent's money, or it's somebody's lover or just luck. Or truly believe that some happy co ...

5 лет назад

Face your doubts and build the success

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · I always admired Walt Disney even before I learned who that person was (everyone watched his cartoons right?). And this amazing quote of his with a combination of results he achieved in life says it all: · "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" - Wal ...

5 лет назад

Would you share your experience to help others?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Good day friends! · Did you ever felt lonely? Like there was something on your mind but you just didn't have anyone to share with? Or there were, but it seemed inappropriate? Could that be easier if you were able to ask and share anything you want, any experience of yours and not ...

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