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6 лет назад

Not again!

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Some actions do piss us off. How it happens that there are things that we like and those that we hate? Besides, different people like different activities. And that is a great issue preventing most of the people from finding their true purpose. If everyone in your close circle is ...

6 лет назад

How cool is it to be on the beBee?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello friends, lately I've been working hard on my new project and writing posts for the Goalcast magazine. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours a day, but in our life, it is important to be everywhere. Worst of all there is some boring engagement activity I have to do on other ...

6 лет назад

Parallel universes and the bridges

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Dear Sirs and madams, friends. · I've been going with lots of philosophical thinking lately. The reason behind those were people communication issues. Mainly with each other. It is often hard to find the unified goals. Especially when we don't look for them. · This might sound pr ...

6 лет назад

"Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention; the price of wisdom is beyond rubies." Job 28:18

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello, friends. Andrew Goldman here. I hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are in the world today. We all seek something in our life. Some seek money. Others love. Some want peace. I've been through many interesting emotions and events in my life. I know it's just a ...

6 лет назад

The right time is now

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello friends, long time no see. I've been a part of the IT project for a few months. Had some thinking time. Often people say that "If I was born in a different time, life would be different." Well for sure. It would be different and you wouldn't have such a wide knowledge as we ...

6 лет назад

The Spark of Enlightenment by Mahatma Gandhi

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello, friends. Andrew Goldman here. Hope you've had an awesome New year and already started achieving your dreams in 2017. I took a break from social networks to travel to the North of Russia. Pretty cold and beautiful in there. I also had the privilege to read the auto-biograph ...

7 лет назад

Have an awesome "Love all" Sunday!

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Hello, friends! You are all doing something and live your life. It is Sunday and it really is Sunday because there is Sun outside. More importantly, there is the sun inside. When you have the sun in your heart, everything shines. Sharing a little piece of love with all of you and ...

7 лет назад

Face your doubts and build the success

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · I always admired Walt Disney even before I learned who that person was (everyone watched his cartoons right?). And this amazing quote of his with a combination of results he achieved in life says it all: · "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" - Wal ...

7 лет назад

Would you share your experience to help others?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Good day friends! · Did you ever felt lonely? Like there was something on your mind but you just didn't have anyone to share with? Or there were, but it seemed inappropriate? Could that be easier if you were able to ask and share anything you want, any experience of yours and not ...

7 лет назад

YOU are not replaceable!

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · Dear friends, I hope you are having an amazing day. · I just saw a topic on the linkedIn about the idea: "every person is replaceable in the business." I know it might sound strange because society dictates another point of view, but this is totally not true. · Funny thing is whe ...

7 лет назад

What to do if you have nothing?

Andrew 🐝 Goldman · I've got your attention on this and you will be rewarded with some wisdom. Ok, what we have today is some people say they can't do stuff because they don't have enough time, they don't have enough knowledge, not enough self-confidence, no enough money. Well, what we say is what w ...

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  • МАГНИТ, Розничная сеть

    Товаровед (Истра, 11А)

    Найдено: beBee S2 RU - 6 дней назад

    МАГНИТ, Розничная сеть Истра, Россия Полная занятость

    Широкая сеть магазинов «Магнит» — это не просто работа рядом с домом. Это возможность выбрать из всех магазинов тот, который ближе всего к семье и детям.Работай в «Магните» и:планируй свой график – 2 ...

  • МВД РФ по г. Москве 2-й Специальный Полк Полиции ГУ МВД России


    Найдено: beBee S2 RU - 6 дней назад

    МВД РФ по г. Москве 2-й Специальный Полк Полиции ГУ МВД России Азов, Россия Полная занятость

    Требования: · - Полное среднее образование · - Отсутствие судимости · - Отслуживших в ВС с обязательным средним образованием · - Гражданство РФ · Условия: · График 2/2. При нарушении графика переработ ...

  • Пятёрочка

    Продавец-кассир (Северодвинск, Торцева, 2А)

    Найдено: beBee S2 RU - 1 неделю назад

    Пятёрочка Северодвинск, Россия Полная занятость

    Для каждого, кто хочет работать и зарабатывать Для каждого, кто готов к профессиональному и карьерному росту Ведущая федеральная розничная сеть магазинов «Пятерочка» приглашает на работу: · ЧЕМ НУЖНО ...

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