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Guiuliana Padilla Atauje


О Guiuliana Padilla Atauje:

I am a responsible, punctual, assertive, and proactive person, with a desire to improve and career path, capable of facing new challenges and learning from them.
Leadership and group management.
Responsible, organized, disciplined, and committed.
Ease of Learning
Teamwork player.

Опыт работы

Февраль 2015 — февраль 2018

3 года 1 месяц

  • Bombas Zach Perú SAC : Financial Analyst

* Entry of daily entries, completion of forms for payment of VAT deductions and declarations monthly.

* Accounting record of accounts payable calculations, scheduling and making payments to national and / or foreign suppliers.

* Transfer between bank accounts, analysis of records of income and payments in the system according to accounting account.

* Preparation of bank reconciliations and presentation of weekly and monthly accounting reports.

* Registration of payment documents (invoices, tickets, tickets, debit notes and credit notes). Check and analysis of operational returns, expenses, purchases, income, etc.
Domain in qualification of accounts expenses; as well as, make deductions, withholdings and guarantee funds.

* Classification of contracts and registration in database. Comparative tables and pre- closing presentation accounting for the Board of Directors.

Апрель 2013 — июль 2014

1 год 4 месяца

  • HERMES: Junior Controller 

* Analyze the operational processes carried out in the area of BPO and Quality Control in the typing of documents and comparison tables, schedule data and meetings

* Take due management of the inventory processes in the vault section.

Февраль 2012 — февраль 2013

1 год 1 месяц

  • SUNAT: Superintendent Main Office Assistant 

* Create a database, verify information on taxpayers that contribute to the IPCN, support the different areas in the Main Intendency in Lima and coordinate meetings at the institutional level in management.

Январь 2011 — январь 2012

1 год 1 месяц

  • DIRINCRI: Office Assistant

* Planning the agenda of the Personnel of Accounting Experts, making calls and comparative tables in Excel, informing those in charge of waiting cases and organizing them in order of demand and seniority.


  • Double Degree Grenobles-Alpes University (2024)

Lobachevsky University, Economics - International Economics 

  • Babeș-Bolyai University (2021)

Erasmus+ Office, Project Management

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