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Фади Исхакат

Фади Исхакат

Broadcast engineer in the main control room
Maykop, Городской округ Майкоп


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О Фади Исхакат:

I always strive for creativity and am pleased when the task is accomplished and the client is satisfied. I adhere to times, I like to work within clear goals, and I work within an organized program in places crowded with people and not crowded, and working under pressure constitutes a great incentive for me to complete the task perfectly.

Опыт работы

After graduating from university in the year 206 from the College of Engineering, within a short period, I received an offer to work in the “Jordan Media City” as a broadcast engineer in the main control room. I continued working for a year and a half until I obtained a free scholarship at the expense of the state to obtain a doctorate in sociology. A year ago 2010 I started practicing translation from Arabic and English into Russian and vice versa. In 2018, I officially opened an office through which I provide public services to the population, including those related to government departments such as the Department of Immigration, Passports, Taxation, and other bodies. I also provide professional consultations in the field of import and export, buying and selling real estate, and provide tourism services for tourists and other services distinguished by their accuracy.


The pleasant, friendly and brotherly atmosphere at work are the most important reasons for success and creativity.

You must have great happiness for accomplishing the task and evaluate yourself by yourself. As an engineer, you do not expect gratitude from others. When you do your task 100%, you have only done your task.

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