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Alexander Grishin

Alexander Grishin

Rotating Equipment Engineer
Kaliningrad, Город Калининград


О Alexander Grishin:

Dear Hiring Managers, good day.

My name is Alexander Grishin and I am writing to express my interest in the Rotating/Mechanical Engineer position.

As a highly motivated professional with +11 years of rotating equipment experience, I am confident that I possess the skills and qualifications required in this role. With proven records of achieving company targets and developing strong technical knowledge, I am eager to contribute my expertise to your organization.

My ability to supervise commissioning and start up, troubleshoot, improve equipment reliability, develop and implement procedures, control CAPEX and OPEX, leading mechanical equipment retrofit projects, combined with my strong leadership and communication skills, make me a valuable asset to your engineering team. In addition to my rotating equipment experience, I have a deep understanding of plant maintenance processes and its unique challenges and opportunities. I am also familiar with the business culture and contract holding process, which allows me to navigate the company internal processes with ease.

I have applied for your consideration with my CV attached and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss qualification further in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Опыт работы

Lead Rotating Equipment Engineer (2022 – 2023) Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (Shell Russia)

Lead rotating equipment engineer for Shell at Sakhalin Prigorodnoye LNG plant. Engineering supervision of work execution of GE Fr7 planned minor overhaul and Fr5 LTPI and MI. Reviewed PM rotating equipment strategies of Manturbo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi compressors and other machinery. Remote surveillance and critical equipment condition monitoring by using System-1. Critical equipment spare parts safety stock review and update BOM. Initiated and followed RCFA investigation, MOCs initiation and implementation. Analyzing rotating equipment failure data recorded via CMMS. Leading shutdown/Turnaround paperwork preparation and technical support to maintenance team with planned field shutdowns (minor and major turbine, compressors, pumps overhauls).

Main achievements:

- Saved 70.000$ USD of company budget by fixing already wrongly installed crude oil pump mechanical seal with no overhaul;

- Saved 85.000$ USD of company budget by identifying the wrong assembly methodology of hi speed gas condensate pump that prevent pump from failure and increase pump reliability;

Lead Rotating Equipment Engineer (2018-2022) Exxon Neftegas Limited (ExxonMobil Russia)

Lead rotating equipment engineer for ExxonMobil Russia at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Production Office supporting offshore and onshore Exxon Neftegas Limited assets such as Chayvo OPF, Odopty and De-Kastri sites, offshore platforms Berkut and Orlan with the team of 5 engineers. Led and coordinated assigned modifications projects with project team by reviewing provided discipline drawings, P&IDs and requirements following API. Identifying hazardous operation by participating in HAZOP. Conducted and led global mechanical engineering technical workshops by presenting new mechanical features and lessons learned. Developed and reviewed equipment preventive maintenance strategies (developed and integrated unique GE centrifugal compressor offline cleaning strategy with minimum production impact), technically remotely supported sites planned and unplanned maintenance activities PM and CM (engineering supervision of GE Fr5 / Fr6 LTPIs and MIs execution), remote surveillance and condition monitoring of GE Fr 5/Fr 6 turbines, Kobelco and Mitsubishi compressors.

Main achievements:

- Saved 300.000$ USD company budget by developing unique off-line centrifugal compressor cleaning procedure after unexpected compressor shutdown because of rapidly increased HiHi vibration that let significantly reduce production and equipment downtime;

- Saved 500.000$ USD of company budget by identifying critical design issues with Sulzer sea water fire pumps x 3 ea that caused pump shafts and bearings failure due to high vibration and applying low cost solutions to improve pumps reliability and get rid of the problem;

- Saved 80.000$ USD of company budget by carefully reviewing and updating Wartsila diesel engines x 5 ea preventive maintenance strategy related to engine oil consumption;

- Saved 100.000$ USD of company budget by identifying the source of failure of gas compressor DGS related to gas conditioning;

- Saved 65.000$ USD of company budget by identifying wrong hi speed SUNFLO pump commissioning that caused pump internal parts and mechanical seal overheating and failure due to lack of lube oil lubrication;

- Saved 100.00$ USD of company budget by preventively identifying technical mistakes in provided project documents for Chayvo Expansion project of modification of Water Injection Pumps;

Lead Rotating Equipment Specialist (2014-2018) Exxon Neftegas Limited (ExxonMobil Russia)

Lead rotating equipment specialist for ExxonMobil Russia leading the hook-up, commissioning and start-up of offshore oil rig “Berkut” at Okhotsk sea. Developed weekly working schedule for mechanical team. Perform routine and corrective rotating equipment maintenance. Assisted to engineering team with reviewing equipment strategies and developed equipment repair programs based on maintenance experience. Team lead for Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbines planned exchange. Assist to the vendor with minor overhaul of Mitsubishi centrifugal gas compressor (replacement of DGS and labyrinth seals). Supervision of overhaul process of ITT oil pumps. Successfully completed unplanned major Sulzer seawater lift pumps overhaul with maintenance team.

Main achievements:

- Saved 275.000$ USD of company budget by identifying the source of Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine injectors plugging and developing procedure for fuel tank cleaning during winter period;

- Saved 137.000$ USD of company budget by identifying the source of mechanical seals failure of Sulzer Sea water

Mechanical Specialist (2011-2014)
Exxon Neftegas Limited (ExxonMobil Russia)

Mechanical specialist for ExxonMobil Russia at Chayvo Expansion Project on Sakhalin Island assigned into the start-up and commissioning of new oil and gas modules. Upon modules completion and start-up, supported maintenance PMs of Solar Taurus 60 Gas Turbines Generators, Mars 100 Gas turbines and Dresser-Rand Compressor, Caterpillar generator sets, and other auxiliary systems. Arranged ordering required tools and materials to sustain maintenance program effectively


  • Sakhalin State University, 2013-2018. Bachelor engineering degree - operation and maintenance of oil and gas facility equipment.
  • Sakhalin Maritime College, 2007-2010. Diploma of mechanical marine engineer.

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